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Heritages and Museums

The Museum of Musical Instruments was established in 1945 by Zdizsław Szulc. It is one of the few such museums in Europe, the only in Poland. The collections prides itself on the stringed instruments, especially violins (16th-20th c.), including a violin by Marcin Groblicz and by Dankwart, as well as instruments by Italian masters (Amati, Testore, Guadagnini, Maggini). Among the keyboard instruments there is a pianoforte by A. Walter (Vienna, 1789) and among the aerophones a medieval bronze lituus (13th-15th c.).

The Museum of Applied Arts is a branch of the National Museum in Poznan. It is located on the Przemysl Hill, in the very heart of the city of Poznan. The castle tower which is 43 meters high, offers a unique view of the city and its surroundings.

Established in 1919, the Military Museum of Wielkopolska, destroyed during WWII, has rebuilt its holdings ever since the resumption of its activity in 1957. Lovers or martial artefacts will certainly be intrigued by the 16th-century rapier-sword whose hilt was forged in Milan (framed in a Swiss workshop), one of the most valuable objects of the collection.

Croissant Museum is a vibrant centre cultivating Poznan?s tradition and culture. Located in the very centre of the city it offers fantastic views of the City Hall Tower with its legendary mechanical fighting goats.

Museum of the History of Poznań is situated in the center of the Old Market Square – the former seat of municipal authorities. Originally it was a single-storey building erected at the latest at the turn of the 14th c.

Brama Poznania ICHOT , previously ICHOT (Interactive History Centre Cathedral Island) – facility in Poznan , dedicated to presenting the history of the Cathedral Island . Located on Śródka near the bridge Jordan , is connected to the Ostrow Tumski extending the footbridge over the river Cybina to the western outpost preserved sluices Cathedral. The assumption apart from educational function was (in the framework of revitalization) to attract tourists to this part of Poznan.

The Church of St. Adalbert or the Church of St. Wojciech in Poznań, Poland, was constructed in the 15th century. It was the one of only two Polish churches under the Nazis. The church has a 16th-century wooden belfry.

Poznań Town Hall or Ratusz is a historic building in the city of Poznań in western Poland, located at the Poznań Old Town in the centre of Old Market Square. It used to serve as the Seat of local government until 1939, and now houses a museum.

Museum of archeology with ancient Egyptian exhibits, housed in palace dating from the 16th century.