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Lake Rusałka is an artificial lake in Poznań, Poland with an area of 367,000 square metres. It was named after the water nymph Rusalka. It was formed in 1943 as a result of the damming of the Bogdanka River. n 1940 thousands of people were executed in the forests surrounding the lake.

Lake Malta, known also as the Maltański Reservoir, is an artificial lake in Poznań, Poland. It was formed in 1952 as a result of the damming of the Cybina River. It is about 2.2 km long, which makes the lake the biggest man-made lake of the city.

The Old Zoo in Poznan is the oldest zoological garden in Poland. It was founded in 1874. The zoo started as a few animals kept by a restaurant owner in the early 1870s.

Solacki Park one of the public parks in Poznan , in a residential area Sołacz . Its area is 14.63 hectares. It is shaped like an elongated and flattened at both ends of an ellipse with a width of about 250 m. And a length of about 1.1 km. Park decorated in a landscaped English style . It imported and planted it about 3,000 trees and 12,000 shrubs with a significant diversity of species. Stormy waters Bogdanka set up in the park Ponds Sołackie with irregular edges, with constriction in the middle of simulating the existence of two independent bodies of water.

Green enclave on Sołaczu, between the streets of Little Poland and Lithuania. Its area is 14.6 hectares. The construction of the park began in 1908. Was made available to the public in 1911 .; finishing work lasted until 1913. It was designed by Hermann Kube, then director of the Public Gardens. Given the nature of park landscape, its main accents are two ponds created by damming a stream Bogdanka (river and streams).

Palmiarnia Poznanska has 10 pavilions containing a variety of ecosystems, from subtropical to savanna, plus an on-site cafe.